Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Not because I am a crappy writer or lack for topics ... No, I'm a bad blogger because I fail to photograph anything. I think the key to an interesting blog is pictures. And I don't take pictures of anything. Zip, zilch. Take this weekend for instance. I made lots of homemade food (soups especially) but I didn't take any pictures.

Friday: Mexican refrigerator soup & cheese quesadillas
Saturday: Iowa Corn Chowder
Sunday: Tomato Raviolli blah blah Soup
Sunday: Potato Leek Soup
Sunday: Refrigerator Pickles

All things were really tasty and now they are all gone too. I could have taken pictures and posted the recipes. Couda, shouda, wouda.

I spent most of yesterday holed up in our local coffee shop studying for my insurance exam. I had coffee at 5 pm and at 11:45 pm still couldn't sleep because of the caffeine buzz. I kept coming up with "q" words for bananagrams. Side note: totally fun game that is portable and good for small groups. Have you ever thought about the number of "q" words that also have the letter "u"?

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