Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've given up convincing myself that I will ever be a runner, or someone who even enjoys running. I've always thought it would be such a nice thing to say "yeah, I ran three miles today and it was great" or "I'm training for my half-marathon." But I've given this up because no matter how hard I try, I hate running. I really do. There's no way around it. I enjoy being tricked into exercising. I love dancing and group sports (wait - does beanbag toss count?). I'm a naturally competitve person so I'm always comparing myself to the other people in my class and trying to work harder than them. When we had our YMCA membership, I took numerous classes and really enjoyed them. My workplace provides an onsite fitness center that's pretty nice - there are treadmills, elliptical machines, weight machines, etc. In addition, we also have pilates twice a week over lunch. That's fun, but I only have 45 minute lunches. By the time class gets over and I finish changing and heating up my lunch ... I'm running like a maniac to get back to my desk.

So Rachael, if you read this post, I'm never going to run a half-marathon with you. Give it up.

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