Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mini-vacation: Holland

Holland as in the country?? No silly - Holland in Michigan! Not nearly as exciting, but just as much fun! Lance and I just returned from our trip to visit our dear friends Mandy & Aaron. I met Mandy as a sophomore at Northwestern and we've been good friends ever since. She was the maid of honor at our wedding 4 years ago. She and Aaron are so much fun, I wish that they lived closer. I didn't really know Aaron very well until they got married, but he is very similar to Lance in tastes and disposition. Again, I wish they lived closer! Last fall I mentioned that we might come and visit, which of course Mandy took to mean "we're coming to visit!"

We had a great time with them, touring Holland, sampling fun restaurants, shopping, mini-golfing, banana-grams and Wii games. All in all it was a blast and 4 days (with 8 hour travel days) is not enough. Now it's time for them to visit us!

Here are some photos from our adventures in sand dune buggy rides

Lance, Aaron, Mandy preparing for the sand dune buggy ride in Sagatuck, MI. It was wild - later that night I was still finding sand on my body!

This was the tone of the entire ride - very corny and silly. But fun!

The whole group mid-way through the ride!

Sunny day and sunglasses

The guide had suggested running down a sand dune. Granted the only way back up is hiking ... the boys were the only ones foolish enough to embark on this adventure. They did say that it was a lot harder coming up than going down!

View through the canopy of trees - very restful.

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*carrie* said...

Glad you had a good trip, Kara. It will be fun to stay in touch with you more easily by reading your blog posts!

Cute blog design!