Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have no money, but I would love to go on vacation. (If Lance reads this post, his first reaction would be "what?!" because we just got back from Michigan and went to Hawaii in April. I suppose that any reasonable person would have this same reaction. But whoever said that I was reasonable?) If I was given the option of a destination, right here, right now, I would pick Orlando, FL. Lance and I went there on our honeymoon and did the whole Disney thing. If given the option, I would go to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure right now. Lance was disappointed when we went to Disney because it was very family-friendly and less thrill orientated. But look at this ride, who wouldn't call that thrill orientated? Fun!!

There's lots of vacations that I have in my head that I would like to go on ... California wine trip ... Vegas ... Universal Studios ... combined with the trip I will make for school next year: Spokane/Seattle and perhaps ... South Korea! Again, all dreams because I want to make these trips before we have children. There's probably 5 years worth of vacations here and we don't plan on waiting 5 years before having children!

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