Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Question Thursday

Everyone, we have air conditioning! I was so happy to have air back in our house, I thought that I could hug our new system. That's right, I said NEW air conditioning and furnace. I'm very happy to have this, after a huge fiasco with the heating & cooling company we decided this would be the best use of our money. Unfortunately ... this means no new car for our family. But like I told Lance last night, you can't sleep and do laundry in your car. At least, I can't do any of these things without the comfort of temperate temperatures. This new system is just in time too, the Saturday temp is fore casted to be right at 96 degrees - yikes! Praise the Lord for air conditioning. I was not meant to be a pioneer. Or live in Arizona.

Onto Three Question Thursday

1. Are you a morning or night person?
2. Do you, or have you ever played an instrument?
3. What was your favorite part about going back to school when you were little?

1. I am most definitely not a morning person. If my job could started at 10:30 am, I would be a better employee. At my current job, I am required to be at work and ready at 8 am sharp. I cannot lie, this can be a struggle. I am much better suited to putting in long nights and sleeping in. This is one reason why I miss being a college student.
2. I have played several instruments. I took piano lessons for 9 years, played the trombone for 8 years, and played several drums in the band. I have not touched my trombone since I graduated from high school. We have a piano at our house, but it needs to be tuned and I am in need of some refresher lessons. Once I graduate next spring and have "free time" again, I am going to try and start playing again.
3. Oh school ... I loved school. I'm a social gal, I loved seeing all my friends and I loved seeing my favorite teachers again. But I also loved purchasing new folders, pens, binders. And planning my outfit for the first day of school. Thinking about all these things, I miss all of this just a little bit. I do not miss the blind panic of studying for tests and staying up to all hours of the night trying desperately to figure out my physics homework. I do not miss my physics teacher who also was my general science and chemistry teacher too. He was somewhat of a sadist.

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