Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Question Thursday

1. Would you rather live in a place that’s always cloudy but warm, or always sunny but cold?
2. Are you a city, town or country person at heart?
3. Where were you born?

1. I would choose sunny but cold. Granted, this is coming at the end of the summer when I'm sick of the heat and ready for the respite of fall. I love the bright clearness of a sunny winter day.

2. I am a city girl. This reminds me of the third grade play I was in "The City and the Country Mouse." I played the city mouse. I'm still a city girl - I would hate to live more than 30 minutes to the nearest Target or mall. This is somewhat problematic as DH would prefer to live in the country.

3. Seoul, South Korea. I often have the question "where you from?" If someone asks me that I will tell them Sioux City, IA. This will elicit more "no, where you from?" (said in a very bad Asian accent, typically at a nail salon- ask me to do it for you sometime, it will crack you up). I will then repeat Sioux City. I feel no need to explain my entire childhood and life to a complete stranger. Mind your own business. I don't walk around asking African Americans if they're from Mozambique.

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