Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trader Joes

I just discovered that St. Paul, MN is home to a Trader Joes - yes!! Lance and I are going up to the Twin Citites with my parents the first weekend of October. Lance and my dad will go to a Twins game and my mom and I will go shopping. In my mind, this is a perfect tradeoff. The last time I went to a Twins game with Lance I brought a book. I don't remember who the Twins played or if they won their game, but I do remember what book I was reading! I'm not a baseball person, I think games should be over in 7 innings. But Trader Joes is definitely worth the trip in my mind. Any thoughts about what I should get?

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*carrie* said...


You must try the chocolate-covered edamame--one of my favorite snacks ever!