Monday, September 21, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Shortage

I guess the punk 15 year old at Fareway wasn't lying. There really is a shortage of Libby's canned pumpkin because of a terrible pumpkin blight. And I thought he just didn't want to look in the back for me ... see article

**** I'm not really sure why I lament the loss of pumpkin at this point. I don't really have any specific need for pumpkin at this time. And to boot, because I am an obsessive compulsive stockpile-er, I actually already have a can of Libby's in my pantry. Leftover. From last fall. Because I also have a problem with closure. It appears that I have the inability to finish anything.

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Rose said...

This happened to me too! I really wanted to make some pumpkin muffins...I thought it was just me being clueless about where the pumpkin was located at the store until I saw a clip on the news!