Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ughh... I have a cold. Colds stink. Do you know why colds stink? Because there is nothing really you can do to make yourself better except rest and wait. And this makes me whiny. Lance has been hanging out with his parents this weekend and I've been left in Central Iowa to my own devices. Typically, I would be loving my alone time, but all I want is someone that I can whine to and who will make me food. Instead, I have Fire and chores to do. And school work that I've been putting off.
The weird thing about me and having a cold is my nose sweats. That's very bizarre.

Here are the things that I'm doing to self-medicate:
  • Drinking orange juice, mulled cider, Gatorade and water. I pee every twenty-two minutes
  • Downing cold medicine with pseudoephedrine - which means a trip to the pharmacist's counter to make sure I'm not making crystal meth in my oven
  • Using Zicam very carefully as it's been pulled from the shelves (at least the nasal kind has been pulled)
  • Rinsing my sinuses with my neti-pot
  • Taking baths
  • Using essential oils to open up my nasal passages
  • Rubbing Vicks on my feet and putting socks on when I sleep (I don't get it, but I figure it can't hurt)

Apart from chicken soup, I think I'm doing everything right. Except you know, being productive.

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