Saturday, September 26, 2009


I know. I don't really have a need for hiking shoes. Lance and I don't hike. There's not a lot of areas near us for hiking. If Lance and I go on vacation, it certainly is not an outdoor-sy type of vacation. I have a friend who went to Yellowstone with her husband this summer and all they did was camp and hike. Um ... not my idea of fun. My idea of fun is looking at her pictures and being thankful that we stay in hotels when we go anywhere.

Okay ... getting back to the point. When Lance and I went to Hawaii this spring, we went kayaking and hiking up to a waterfall. It was beautiful. Hiking shoes or sandals, such as Keens, would have been ideal as we were tromping through mud and wading through streams. But I didn't have blessed Keens at the time, I just had some very muddy Nikes. As a result of the experience, I decided that I needed Keens. Oh, but holy crap are those shoes expensive. But our local store, Active Endeavors, had an end of season sale ... And my lovely Keens were $95 marked down to $45. I couldn't say no. "These will last a lifetime! They're 50% off! They're comfortable and versatile." And this is how I ended up with my first (and last - at least for awhile) pair of Keens.

They're so great. I really don't feel too terrible about getting these.

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Anonymous said...

Kara Lynn, are you serious...
I don't EVER want to hear you scold me again for unnecessary purchases!