Friday, September 18, 2009

I hate this time of year

Lance and I have been talking about why I hate this time of year in regards to sports. Lance finally agreed last night he could see why I would be annoyed. I hate this time of year (and I do mean hate) because there are way too many sports seasons going on. Lance follows NASCAR (which will go on until October), Twins baseball (this season also lasts until October), Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings football (just getting started!) and Iowa State Football (let's be honest, our football team doesn't stand a chance this year - but Lance will still follow). TOO MANY SPORTS TEAMS. Every waking moment, Lance is checking scores or watching ESPN for highlights. When we're in the car, Lance has fuzzy AM radio on listening to the Twins game. I cannot escape sports and it's driving me crazy. NASCAR and baseball annoy me to begin with, but combined with football the only thing I want is silence and for Lance to stop filling me in with highlights.
Please make the constant bombardment stop.

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