Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day and Art Splash

Labor Day weekend in Sioux City means Art Splash. It's great. It's basically an affordable Des Moines Arts Festival. Yes, I said it, an affordable Des Moines Arts Festival. Because let's be real, prices at the DM Arts Festival are atrociously high. Anyway, getting back to the point, I love Art Splash. I volunteered in the kids area for five years and I love it when we're home for it. My mom and I will usually go with a family friend and all the men folk stay home. I'm not sure what they do. But here are some of the things that get me jazzed about Art Splash ...

1. Kettle Korn. It's still hot and so fresh.

2. Sand sculptures. These girls pictured here are actually students at my old high school.

3. Kids activities like making balloons into impossible animals.

4. Bouncing in a harness (well, maybe if I was 10 again)

5. The art and shopping. Oh the shopping ...

Here was my first lust of the day. I really like this oak console table. In fact, I've liked this booth and this table for the past two years. But $250 would make Lance cringe. But it's so pretty!

I liked these button magnets. I can make these myself. And besides, hers were waaay overpriced.

I thought this stained glass art piece would be great in my garden. But not for $398.

I really love well done photography. Lance thinks that sunflowers are a noxious weed. Boo Lance. These were all taken in Nebraska in some small town. What a sight to see all of those beauties!

These are some water droplet photos taken my John Gapps - he's located in Winterset, IA. I like these too, but $125 is still a little pricey ...

I really do like glass and large bubbles. This would be so cool in my garden. But my garden is anything but decorative. In fact right now, it's full of squash dying of stem rot and weeds. Sounds picturesque, right?

I like birdhouses. But the tree we planted 2 springs ago would not support this fun pottery.

Or this sconce is cute! But I really do think the main appeal is the fresh flowers. I don't know what else I would have put in it.

Glass pendants are always pretty, but they aren't really me. Yes, I do have a couple, but my favorite things have pearls and charms and other pretty girlie baubles.

So, the only thing I walked away with this year were these earrings! But I love them, I loved battered silver, these were simple and airy and basically the perfect additional to my wardrobe (and the most affordable).

If you are ever in the Sioux City area during Labor Day, head on down to the river and the Anderson Dance Pavilion and check out Art Splash! Maybe next year I'll buy that console table I've always wanted. But then again, I would also need the matching end tables too ...

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