Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Question Thursday

I am wickedly sore. We do pilates on Tues and Thurs over lunch at work. And this past week our instructor has made class brutal. My calf muscles ache and sometimes I have a sharp shot of pain that runs through my abs. And my butt hurts just sitting. Good gracious. I am an old lady. You should see my crazy left arm vibrate while trying to do full out side planks. It's quite ridiculous.

Moving on. Three Question Thursday from Iowa Girl Eats

1. Would you rather smell like black licorice or garlic for the rest of your life?
2. Who’s your favorite talk show host between Oprah, Ellen, Tyra and Dr. Phil?
3. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
1. Both are bad options. I guess I would go for black licorice ... at least no one would think I have vampire issues
2. Oprah. But not crying/weepy/abuse Oprah, more the make-over/giveaway/celebrity Oprah. I never watch talk shows. Unless an occasional half episode of Martha counts.
3. I love candy. I love kit kats, twixes, nerds. I love it all. All the time.

It's Grey's Anatomy time!!

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