Monday, August 9, 2010

Wildy Cherry

Goodness. I am one obsessed, single-minded person. Which isn't surprising, when I get an idea in my head it is hard to deter me. Which isn't a bad thing when it comes to important stuff - like finishing grad school, but can be a deterrent for silly things. Like my latest obsession: wildly cherry m&ms.
I've only found them in the stores a couple of times and the last time I had them was last summer. I haven't seen them since. They are a special edition m&m, meaning they are hard to come by! In total Kara-fashion, I really like the imitation cherry flavor. Typically I don't like real cherries, I prefer the imitation - Luden's cough drop - cherry flavor. Very healthy of me :) I've been in search of these babies all summer and now I'm to the point of desperation - almost to the point of special ordering a $20 bag off the Internet. So if you find these somewhere, either let me know or buy them and I will gladly reimburse you!

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