Friday, July 30, 2010

What are you doing this weekend?

This is the first weekend in July that we have been home. Which is probably why my house hasn't been vacuumed in two weeks, the grass hasn't been mowed for the same time period and why I couldn't find my eggplant plant in the garden last night - the garden has been overcome with weeds. Actually, my garden is to a point where I am a little bit ashamed of it's weedy state ... But this weekend will be an opportunity to get caught up! Well ... hopefully. I am helping with a wedding at our church for most of Saturday, but Lance will be free and clear :) Here's my idea of weekend fun:
  • Baby Legs gifts~!
  • Fun Magnets
  • This is a project I want to do in the future - I need to round up some cute fabric first
  • Graduation supper at my favorite DSM restaurant
  • And making some homemade Salted Nut Roll Bars, courtesy of my mom's fab recipe

Keep in mind these things only will happen after all the not so fun things ... like mowing, weeding, and vacuuming. Maybe Lance will get those things done before I'm finished with the wedding (a girl can hope, right?) Is is weird that I like to do laundry? The whole laundry process from sorting, washing, to folding. It must be the repetition and the sense of completing an entire task. I'm a little odd. What fun DIY projects are you planning this weekend?


*carrie* said...

Hey, Kara. I like doing laundry, too!

Our garden could also use some attention. We got 5 inches of rain last night, and I'm a little fearful for our tomatoes!

Rose said...

The only DIY project I'll be doing this weekend is weeding...and I'd prefer not to be doing that myself! :o) I've had all sorts of new ones pop up, it sucks!

dmcgirl said...

I love being at home as well and taking care of things. There are weekends when I love to be out but most the time, home working on projects and cooking is fine with me!