Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty peony

So I've had this picture hiding on my camera for awhile (I'm talking around 2.5 months!) and thought I would finally share. This is from a peony bush - not my own. I have a peony bush I planted the first spring we were in Grimes with my mom and it said on the tag that it was this hot pink/fusica color. But instead of fusica, I got white. Still pretty, but not what I wanted. Don't you love the fluffiness? And the scent of a peony is always a nice way to greet spring. I miss spring. Lance will disagree with me, but I'm completely over this hot, hot summer humidity. Bring on the fall leaves!


Rachel and Jamie said...

Love peonies! Beautiful picture Kara!

*carrie* said...

That is pretty. You and your M+Ms--that is funny! The women in my family all hoard the mint variety at Christmastime.

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