Friday, August 20, 2010

Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

True fact. The Iowa State Fair is the best State Fair. Have I been to any other state fairs? No. Can I prove this fact? Yes. Because Martha Stewart did an episode on the Iowa State Fair, which proves my fact's legitimacy.
This year we spent three days at the fair - 2 days doing a Got Milk promotional event and one day meandering on our own. This was the first time we've done a promo at the fair. I think that we would both say that it went well. The tour manager was organized and a hard worker and the brand ambassadors worked hard. The temps weren't too extreme either. And because it was the weekend, the hours flew by because there were gobs of people. One piece of advice to the general public: don't ask for juice at a Got Milk? event. It's just annoying. And certainly don't ask for beer. You are just stupid at that point.

Of course one of the main reasons to go to the ISF is the food. My favorite treat is Bauders Peppermint Ice Cream Bar. Peppermint ice cream, hot fudge, and oreo cookie. Delish!

Lance's favorite fair food is Cup 'o Cookies. Warm, gooey, mini chocolate chip cookies piled high in a Styrofoam cup. I can't lie. I love them too.

One of our other favorites is the Cattlemen's Barn. If you have the cash and the stomach space, stop by to eat the Prime Rib dinner. No surprise, but the Cattlemen have excellent Prime Rib. Usually I opt for something a little less ... heavy. I love their Taco salads. They're fantastic. One thing to note, these choices cannot be obtained in the outside sandwich line, you have to go through the longer dinner line to get these menu items.

Lance thought that this pig in front of the Cattlemen's Barn was hilarious and wanted his picture taken with it. Whatever Lance.
I really wanted to take home a baby goat. Baby goats are adorable.

The little white one kept slipping through the bars and getting away. It was rather comical. Everytime the FFA student turned around to see the baby goat making it's escape, the goat would scamper back into it's pen. It knew he was being naughty :)

I also like baby chicks. They are precious.
I love the Iowa State Fair and you should too! And if you are an Iowa resident and you've never been, you should be ashamed of yourself. It's part of your civic duty to attend the ISF.


*carrie* said...

I confess I've never been. I'm excited to take the kids when they're a little older, though.

Rose said...

Great post-I just did mine about the state fair today too.

Love those ice cream sandwiches!! :o)