Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had fun weekend ... minimal pictures were taken, but fun weekend all in all.

Friday night: laundry and The Proposal. I love this movie. This is the first time Lance saw this, I saw it in the theaters with my friend Erika. There are so many funny moments, my sides hurt by the movie's end. Lance thought that it was funny too - even if it was a chick flick!

Saturday AM: Farmer's Market with Shannon. Currently there is an abundance of pumpkins, squash, apples, and potatoes. Neither of us purchased produce - I got some honey-roasted peanut butter and some pumpkin apple butter. Shannon and I had to flip to see who got the last container of pumpkin apple butter. Luckily for me, I never lose at paper/rock/scissors. Maybe I should have told Shannon that :) We also had breakfast burritos as there was no line and we were astounded. There is always a line for breakfast burritos!

Saturday PM: Lance and I traveled north to Ames. We had lunch at Battles Barbecue (one of our favs - but they changed their garlic toast and it's not as good) and it was cheap, fast, and tasty. Gotta love local favs. After a late lunch we parked over by sorority circle, looked at the destroyed lawn displays before wandering over to the tailgating area. Lance and I did a promo event this weekend for Chevy (the official sponsors of the ISU vs Baylor game). We handed out rally towels before the game and that was it. One of the easiest promos ever and afterwards we went to the game! It was a good game and ISU won! It's always great to win homecoming! We also got to say hello to Lance's brother Andrew, who turned 25 yesterday. I won suite tickets to the Nov 7 ISU vs Oklahoma State game. I'm not as optimistic about that game.

Sunday: Church, Sunday school, lunch (minestrone soup - picture and recipe to come!), nap, ethics review of my research project, grocery list, and bathroom cleanup. Perfect Sunday!

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