Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Minne Shopping

This past weekend Lance and I went to the Twin Cities with my parents. My dad grew up in MN so he's a Twins fan and Lance breathes and dies by the Twins - super fan! They like to try and catch one game a year and my mom and I go shopping. :) The Twins are currently in a run for division title, so Saturday and Sunday's game were huge. That combined with actually being in the TWIN Cities, I was inundated with Twins baseball. It was on at every restaurant we ate at and everyone was clad in blue and red. In general I don't hate baseball, but I've hit my capacity as to the amount of I can endure. I will be happy when the season has ended.

Moving on, my my and spent 3 hours on the first floor of the Mall of America. The other two levels went much quicker :) Here are the cute shoes I bought at DSW and the fun headband I got. My mom asked me if I had any fancy events coming up soon ... no, but who needs a reason to wear a bejeweled headband?

Sunday morning we went to IKEA to peruse the aisles. Sadly, no major purchases this year. My decorating style is more comfy casual and IKEA is more urban-mod. We bought some wooden hangers and a cutting board. Exciting ...

But I did get to go to Trader Joes on Sunday morning. My mom had made fun of me because I had wanted to go and she ended up buying more stuff than I did! I haven't had a chance to use my almond butter or my bruschetta spread yet, but I did try the chocolate & pb pretzels and the Aussie licorice. OMG, they are so good. Where have these products been all my life?

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*carrie* said...

I'm a little upset with you for not buying the edamame! =)