Sunday, October 25, 2009

Race for a Cure

Saturday morning Lance and I did the Susan B Komen Race for a Cure walk. It's the third year we've done the walk, each year we've been blessed with fantastic weather. This was no exception. My only suggestion for next year is this: have more buses running back and forth between the parking garages and the state capitol. We waited 35 minutes for a bus to come and pick us up. Yikes - we almost missed out on the free food! We still managed to grab some treats like Pink Ribbon Panera bagels (my favorite, every Oct I but a bakers dozen and freeze them) and Yoplait yogurt. I was really bummed that I didn't get a pink Hy-Vee bag, but Lance brazenly walked up to a woman who had like 10 Iowa Heart bags and asked her for one - and readily gave it up! (She must have felt guilty, I would have felt guilty for being that greedy)

Here's a picture of our capitol. Lance thinks it's a travesty that I've never been inside ... He also suggested that we should take the gold plating off the dome and replate it with something cheaper and then use the money saved on cutting the budget deficit. Somehow I don't think anyone in politics will think that's a good idea.

Oh my goodness. There were tons of people. I would have gone crazy for this kind of walk crowds when I was in fundraising. I heard that there were record numbers, you couldn't prove it by me. I just knew that it was hard to walk at any sort of brisk pace without weaving in and out of groups.

I asked Lance to show me his shirt. Please note that I did not ask him to pretend to be Superman ripping off his clothes to reveal his superhero costume.

I was thinking of a more casual picture ... something like mine. :)

I love this walk. My aunt Claudia was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in 5th grade. She'a 16 year survivor, back when breast cancer didn't have a whole month dedicated to it. Her cancer was pretty advanced, but she made it. Walking in this walk makes me realize every year that life is fragile and a gift. Life here is temporary, eternity is forever.

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Rose said...

You and Lance are so great! I have only ever been in the Capitol once when I was very young and I hardly remember it. I would love to take a tour sometime!