Sunday, October 11, 2009


Good Lord, I just about took off my thumb slicing an onion. Let this be a lesson to all of you, don't use small knives to try and cut large vegetables. It will result in a deep knife wound and a hysterical woman emitting loud shrieks that only bats and dogs can hear. I had to flip the lights on and off to get Lance's attention, who was vacuuming downstairs He very calmly got me some clean rags and had me apply even pressure to stop the gushing. I will say though, he's no EMT in the making. In a later conversation he thought you elevate a person's head after they've passed out. NO- elevate their feet! This will be very important for him to know as I get queasy at blood and have passed out cold the last two times someone has attempted to take blood from me.

Again the take away lesson is this: use a big sharp knife when cutting large things.

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Anonymous said...

Well my darling, do be carefull. Disability pay is not enough for your lifestyle.

Auntie S.