Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Does anyone ever feel like the setting of New Year's resolutions is trite and just foolish? Or like you are setting yourself up for an automatic failure? Well ... I typically feel that way, but we are going to try to be optimistic anyways! I also suppose that I have a bad habit of setting unrealistic goals too. With a baby on the way, I think it is probably a good idea for me to set low expectations for 2011 :)

1. Learn how to make a Korean food item. This was on my list last year and did not get accomplished.

2. Walk twice a day for 15 minutes.

3. Garden expansion and healthly/green living from our backyard.

4. Closet downsize and/or reigning in of shopping budget (and if I could accomplish all of my resolutions and make my closet look like this, I would totally work my butt off for this closet as my prize!)

Four resolutions. That's manageable, however I have a really bad history of incompleting my New Year's resolutions. We'll see what 2011 brings


Meanderthal said...

Umm I am now a religious reader of your blog (and back I can't stop myself from reading once I'm put onto them) and I think when I come to visit we should make Bimimbap!!! Just need to procure some Gojuchang and we're good to go :) deliciousness ahead!!!

Nicole @ one half world said...

If you can't make foolish, unrealistic resolutions in January, when can you? The beginning of the year is designed for optimism. I say go for it (and invite me over when you make Korean)! :)