Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheap. Healthy. GOOD!

Yesterday I think that we had one of the world's easiest, fastest, homemade lunches. And no, it was NOT popcorn and fudge (ha! that's what I had for supper). After spending 4+ hours at church (service, Sunday school, nursery), we were starving and in need of nourishment. On our menu plan for the day was "Beans & Rice." Lance, resident carnivore, was skeptical. Trick: if your husband is concerned about a meal's lack of traditional protein, try and sell him on the fiscal attributes of the lack of protein for the meal. You really can't get much cheaper than beans & rice.

I made up one cup of white rice (no 60 minutes available for brown rice for these starving tummies) and used a bunch of leftover ingredients in my fridge. What I found was a smallish container of black beans, some homemade salsa from earlier in the week, some cheddar cheese and some sour cream. I made the rice according to the package instructions, stirred in the black beans, and then seasoned both with a sprinkling of cumin and chili powder. I then added to the rice concoction the rest of the ingredients and served with tortilla chips (note to self: you do not have room for Costco's 3 lb bag of tortilla chips, no matter how cheap they are). Lunch was hot, done, and served in 25 minutes flat. And I cleaned out some leftovers from my fridge and made the world's cheapest lunch.

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