Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Groupon Deal of the Day - Bath & Body Works

Here's another great Groupon deal - $30 worth of Bath & Body Works products for only $15!

I used by Body Shop Groupon certificate last week and got a huge tub of Cocoa Butter body cream, some Mango body wash and a nice quality hair brush - $40 worth of product for only $20! I read online that Cocoa Butter can diminish stretch marks. While I have not yet gotten stretch marks, I suppose preventative care has some merit to it! I didn't need the body wash but I needed another $5 to tack onto my total. My favorite purchase, hands down, was the hair brush. I've been using this skanky one I got for free 6 years ago. It's gross, but I never could bring myself to shell out money for a better one (note to self: Aveda really isn't the place to contemplate how much one should spend on a hair brush. One will never be able to bring one's self to part with money for a hair brush there). I love my new Body Shop hair brush, it's like a fun scalp massage every morning :)

Moral of the story. Groupon has some great deals. Check them out.

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Jessica Mellema said...

I actually did spend the money on an Aveda brush a couple years ago and I adore it. Happy you found a lovely brush that gives you a scalp massage every morning - but is that massage as good as Kristy's? Hmm...