Thursday, January 27, 2011

Overpriced Items.

I want this. It would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for this foodie like me. Too bad I'm getting bacon for Valentine's Day instead. That and the $160 price tag. Somewhat of a spoiler too :) You might be tempted to get a fake one, but trust me, fakes aren't the same. I got a fake one two years ago and now it's bubbling and flaking. Not worth the money. So pull out the big guns, go for the gusto and shell out a crap load of money for something the French do really well.


*carrie* said...

Bacon? Blech. =)

I have a blog friend who found a new authentic LC dish at TJ Maxx for like $30!

Nicole @ one half world said...

That would be nice, although I think I'd get an oval or round shape instead of the heart. I would like more LC pieces, though!