Monday, January 17, 2011

You know when something is good ...

When there are no pictures or proof that the item was tasty. That's how it went with my Grasshopper Pie. Oh my, it was tasty. Even Lance, professed hater of all chocolate mint combos (seriously, how strange is that?) said that the Grasshopper Pie I made over the holidays went fast. NASCAR fast. I was unsuccessful in trying to locate a holiday/grasshopper pie, so I was forced to make my own. Trust me, not finding a pie had nothing to do with lack of effort. We checked several Hy-Vees, Costco, Fareway, Target, Dahls, Aldis and my mom checked Sam's Club. I also looked at Schwan's website. Nada. It was disappointing. This dessert was so quick and easy to assemble, we wasted more time at grocery stores than it took for me to make this dessert.
I've posted a picture below to something akin to what I made. I think mine was better. Not that I'm at all prejudiced :)

Grasshopper Pie

1 premade oreo cookie pie crust
1 carton of mint chip ice cream
crushed Oreos
Junior Mints, chopped up
Chocolate fudge Hardshell ice cream topping

Soften ice cream for easy spreading. Dump enough to make an even layer with the top of the pie crust. Top with crushed Oreos and chopped up Junior Mints and decoratively drizzle the chocolate ice cream topping on top of all of it. Place back into the freezer to let everything setup and cover with foil. Prior to serving, let thaw slightly. Enjoy!

Like I said, easy-peasy. And delicious!

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Jessica Mellema said...

YUM! I love mint chocolate anything. I will definitely be trying this recipe.