Monday, January 17, 2011

Personalized Momma's Necklace

Alas. If only I knew the name or gender of my baby. Or knew that there isn't the chance that I would change my mind by the birth of aformentioned baby. Because if the name was a "sure thing" I would purchase this sweet necklace today on for $32.50. I'm pretty sure that all momma's would like this for Mother's Day!

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Kerry said...

So cute! For Christmas, I got my friend (who is a new Mom) a "Three Peas in a Pod" necklace that I found on etsy. It's three green pearls in a handmade pod... and then a hand stamped little flag on the chain with her name, her husbands name and their sons name. It's so sweet, and she adores it! Once your wee one arrives, I suggest checking etsy... or sharing the idea with some friends! :)