Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

What? Are you confused? Don't be. I know that I'm ahead of the curve.

This year to commerate our love, Lance and I will be going to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival! Nothing says "I love you" than pounds and pounds of bacon! Right?!?

I've been told that bacon is good for pregnant women and their baby. What? You haven't heard that from your ob-gyn? Okay, well now is as good as any time to start that rumor :)

Tickets sold out last Friday in four minutes flat. Gone. Poof. 1500 tickets vanished in four minutes. I think it would be accurate to say, Des Moines residents love their bacon!


Unknown said...

WE LOVE BACON!! And that is quite impressive that THAT MANY tickets sold out in 4 minutes!!
Is there taste testing?

Nicole @ one half world said...

Congrats on getting tickets. I think it's hilarious that you're going to Bacon Fest for Valentine's Day, though I am not one to judge. I once gave Josh an iron for V-day. Sooo romantic, I know!