Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lucan Wall Art - Birth Announcement Info

Back in April, I went through a nesting phase that included many sewing and art & crafts projects. Surprisingly, I got through a good chunk of them - not all of them, but an acceptable number. Now it's all a matter of putting together posts about them :)

This was a project that I was able to do during maternity leave. I had seen several cute birth announcement wall hangings on Etsy, but me, being me, wanted to do it on my own. That way I could a) save money b) do something creative c) have something to blog about!

I think that the results turned out fairly well. It's not the fanciest announcement art in the world, but I'm proud of it. And I saved a considerable amount of money too. Most of the personalized birth announcements I've seen on Etsy have ranged from about $18 to $30 in price, not including a mat or frame. I made mine, including the print and mat & frame, for around $12. The most expensive part was the frame. I'm sure if you shopped around you could do it even cheaper, but when you only have an hour before you child wakes up and wants fed, you'll take what you can find. I printed it through and spent about $2.50 for an 8x10. All in all, easy-peasy!

I used the photo editing program, Picnik, to put this together. But rather than re-invent the wheel, I'm going to link you to the post that I followed to do this project. Picnik is relatively user friendly and it's free options are pretty comprehensive. You could do several variations of this program - you could do something family oriented or holiday themed - the options are endless!