Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here's what's going on at the Knaack household

Tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. Granted, these ones come from my mom, but lots of tomatoes. Tomatoes that are going to be turned into canned tomatoes. Once again, I embark on another canning journey. A journey that keeps me up to 11:30 at night. Not cool. Especially when you can buy a can of diced tomatoes for 69 cents. These better taste freakin awesome.

This is stuff out of my garden. About a hundred cherry tomatoes, some good sized regular tomatoes, a few yellow tomatoes and some nice cucumbers.

Sounds like gazpacho to me! Too bad I think it's waaaayyy too much work for something that tastes like salsa :)


Josh and Nicole said...

We will take some cherry tomatoes off your hands if you literally have a hundred. Would you accept a trade of 5 cans of diced tomatoes from Walmart? (Before you answer, think of the hours this would save you too...)

Linz said...

I've been eating plates of tomatoes from our plants, but they are all dying off already out here in Cali. I hate how you just start getting used to having them around and then it's over.

*carrie* said...

Did you see my link last week for gazpacho salsa? It's a Real Simple recipe, and so yummy. And easy!