Saturday, August 27, 2011

Like mother, like son

Who can turn down a foot long corn dog?

Not even baby!

One of my Iowa State Fair staple foods is a corn dog. They taste the best at the State Fair for some reason. Really, I have lots of ISF staple foods. If given the opportunity, I'll get a taco salad from the Cattlemen's Tent, a cup of chocolate chip cookies, strawberry taffy, and a peppermint ice cream bar from Bauders. However, I do not recommend eating a foot long corn dog and an ice cream bar in the time span of one hour. I felt like throwing up afterwards.

Lance and I did the mega-fast forward version of the State Fair this year, spending only 2.5 hours one evening after work with Lucan. The whole thing was a little nerve-wracking as the moment we stopped moving, Lucan would scrunch up his face and get a look of "I'm-really-tired-and-I'm-not-sure-why-I'm-still-awake-but-I-am."

Maybe next year we can be a bit more leisurely with our State Fair adventure. It seems impossible to believe at that time Lucan will be toddling around and trying to steal my corn dog from me! Maybe we can even do Little Hands on the Farm. If you get a chance, ask Lance about his experience with that endeavor :)

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*carrie* said...

1. Don't like cilantro.
2. Or corn dogs. Blech. =)
3. How was your trip this way, and who were you visiting?