Monday, August 1, 2011

Lucan: 2 Months Old

My teeny, tiny little man is growing up to be a chubby little guy! Happy birthday to Lucan, he was 2 months old yesterday. It never ceases to surprise me of how much he has have grown in such a short period of time!

Here are his two month statistics:

Weight: 13 lbs 6 ounces - 85th percentile - up from 50th percentile at 2 weeks
Length: 24 inches long - 85th percentile - down from the 90th percentile
Head Circumference: - ? (I need to check this out) - 75th percentile - down from the 90th percentile

  • At about 4.5 weeks, Lucan started sleeping through the night until 7 am or so. I know. We're spoiled. Our routine is to put him down at 8 pm-ish and then wake him around 10:15 pm for his last feeding. Then he's good to go for the night!

  • Our schedule, pre-daycare, was pretty scheduled. We would do a routine of 3 - 2.5 hour feedings with feed time - awake time - nap. Typically Lucan would be up for about an hour with combined feed and awake time and then nap for around an hour to two hours. I know that I've gotten some flack about his routine, but I absolutely believe that this has contributed to him sleeping through the night at 4.5 weeks. Read Baby Wise. While I don't agree with things 100%, the basic concepts are really good. Babies need routine. Now that he's started daycare with other little kids running about, his schedule is going to be a little rough for a few days. Not excited.

  • Lance and I have managed to survive a few outings. We went to Harry Potter and left Lucan with some friends' parents while we were gone. That was our first long outing with leaving Lucan in the care of others. It went fine. Since then he's had a couple of our friends watch him while I have had doctors appointments. Our friends have said that Lucan is a great baby and we should consider ourselves blessed - we do!

  • Happiest Baby on the Block - it works. Lucan has his routine crabbiness at 7:15 pm every night. So we'll swaddle him up, shush him and then throw him in the swing. Works every time.

  • Lucan is routinely swaddled for naps and bedtime. If he does his "superman" (this is what Lance calls when Lucan breaks out of his swaddleme wrap) he'll inevitably wake himself up by hitting himself in the face. Swaddling works and we'll keep doing it as long as it is effective.

  • A day and a half before my first day back to work, we got a phone call from our daycare provider stating that she had an unavoidable conflict come up and she wouldn't be able to watch Lucan. Panic. Fortunately, we have good friends and were able to con one of them into caring for Lucan for the day. Now he's at an in-home daycare ... Mom is probably having a harder time adjusting than Baby K. I have to stop myself from calling and checking-in and being a crazy first-time mom.

  • He apparently like to poop infrequently, sometimes waiting almost 6 days before going! As a result, we have some monster poops. Our pediatrician recommended giving him a couple teaspoons of Dark Karo syrup to get things moving, which in my opinion, is better than some other, more uncomfortable options. One word - Oxyclean. It works.

  • Slowest eater. Ever. Doesn't matter if he's breastfeeding or taking a bottle, he's slow. This hasn't improved with age and in fact, I think he's regressing. Really.

  • Lucan is gaining more neck strength. He holds his large head up quite well when he's being burped.

  • Knock on wood, Lucan is not a spitty baby. His original ped (which we are not going to anymore because she annoyed me) told us that he has acid reflux. He does not. He doesn't fuss or cry when he's being fed and rarely does he spit up. That ped didn't know anything.

  • Lucan is growing like a weed, he was out of his newborn clothes at three weeks and at 2 months is outgrowing his 0-3 months clothes. It makes me a little sad, my baby is getting so big! It also makes me sad that these clothes are hardly getting worn at all. There's a small part of me that hopes for another boy just so the clothes go to waste (just a small part of me - there's a very large part of me that aches to go to Baby Gap and buy the store out. BTW: why aren't the Baby Gap boys clothes as fun as the girls clothes there?)

  • He is a smilie baby. Lucan especially loves to smile at Lance. I read somewhere that babies smile more at their dad's because they associate dads with fun and moms with soothing. But his smiles will melt your heart, he's sooo cute!

  • Tummy time is going so-so. Lucan either gets annoyed being on his stomach or he falls asleep. Silly baby.

  • He's ticklish, especially on his feet.

  • I love how much hair he has on his head! I firmly believe that all his hair makes him even cuter!

And now for the good stuff - his two month photo. I took these yesterday morning after his feeding. I think both Lucan and Lance were annoyed by the sheer volume of pictures that were taken. It's hard to get a good picture of a squirmy baby!

His boppy pillow still dominates him. I use it to prop him up but someday Lucan won't need it. I'm enjoying the time that he still needs it.

Half-smile. "Mom, quit taking my picture."

"Look at me hold my head up for my 2 month pictures! I'm awesome!"

I'm putting together a brief post that will include how to track your baby's growth through their own developmental onesies!

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