Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today is my birthday.

Typically, the sentence would have went "today is my birthday!!!" But somehow turning 27 and being stuck at AMICI coffee forcing yourself to write about diversity programs and their impact takes a lot of joy out of celebrating ...

It hasn't been a bad birthday by any means ... just having this stupid thesis loom over my head takes away a lot of my happiness. I will comment that I am enjoying the country music here. Keith Urban is nice.

But it's been a fun celebration - we had massive Costco cupcakes with small group on Thursday night. I wasn't paying attention and I let Jon and Jake put 27 candles in my cupcake. They didn't have a lighter so attempting to light each one of those candles was a little dangerous. Actually it was quite the fire hazard. Erika and Lance organized a girls night out at Cool Basil and we finished by playing Wii at our house. Noelle and Libby have some mad Wii skills - you would have never guessed it, but they both have excellent hand/eye coordination. Yesterday and I got to have a long phone conversation with my beloved Michigan Mandy and go out to eat at Flying Mango with Lance. The food is so good that I was a little bit miserable after the meal. I wanted to eat it all, but my stomach/heart wasn't in it. Today we went to church, had lunch in which the grill and steaks almost went up in flames (Lance is out of practice), and now I'm here at AMICI (not writing).


Anonymous said...

Love you Ms. 27!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday!!