Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Mondays!

Monday: Caribbean Jerk chicken, steamed asparagus, and couscous
Tuesday: Steak and roasted brussel sprouts
Wednesday: Chicken satay (on the menu for the third straight week, maybe this time!)
Thursday: Tortilla soup
Friday: Taco salads
Saturday Lunch: Tuna melts on english muffins
Saturday Dinner: Taki (sushi restaurant in DM. We've had a gift card there for almost 4 years. Lance won it while he was at his first job. He's on his third job now. Neither of us have ever had sushi. It could be the reason why we've had the gift card for almost 4 years.)
Sunday Lunch: Beef and black bean enchiladas
Sunday Dinner: Homemade pizza

Who wants to eat at my house this week? I promise, I will make you eat your green vegetables! Lance isn't a big fan of brussel sprouts. I figure we just need to keep eating them until he does decide to like them :)

I had DVRed the movie "Becoming Jane" a month ago. I finally finished it. It made me sad. Poor Jane Austen. Literally and figuratively. Jane Austen is wonderful.

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