Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Iowa Girl Eats Give Away!

Iowa Girl Eats is doing a tofu press giveaway. You should check it out. :)
Do you eat tofu? Lance would prefer not to. The first time I ate tofu I was a freshman at Iowa State University. The first time you eat anything should not be a cafeteria dining and it should definitely not be tofu kabobs. Ugh ... I shudder just thinking about those lifeless cream colored blobs. It took me almost 7 years to recover from that experience. This household is still a little hesitant about consuming tofu, but it's making rare appearances in stir frys. Tofu is healthy and is a good meat substitute. And it's pretty cheap. If you are trying to sell it to my husband, it's raised locally and should be consumed to support local farmers.
The key to eating tofu is making sure you get extra firm and pressing. Pressing a majority of the water help will greatly aid the texture. To press tofu ghetto-Kara style, simply wrap it in a few clean kitchen towels, place the tofu block in a bowl and then proceed to stack several Des Moines metro phone books on it. Tofu should be pressed, at a minimum, for an hour. I then slice it up, season it with stir fry sauce, and then stir fry it in my wok with some hot oil. I finish up by adding vegetables and a little more sauce.
All in all, tofu isn't that bad. More of a refined, acquired taste :)

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Even though I've been a semi-vegetarian for almost 13 years, I have never been able to eat tofu. More power to you!