Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tax Refund

I have read countless articles how receiving a tax refund is a bad savings plan. I know this. And yet every year around this time I start thinking about what we can do with the refund money. In the five years we've been married, a tax refund has never been guaranteed. One year we didn't pay enough in and got hammered and had to pay an exorbitant amount in to the government. There have been years where we've received a refund, but those years also seemed to coincide with having some sort of unexpected expense come up - like medical bills for surgery at the Mayo Clinic. This year is looking on the up and up - as of now, no major bills to pay or check to make out to the government. But then again, Lance isn't quite finished with our taxes yet. This is the first year that Lance has done our taxes on his own. Our taxes are never simple - we've had to deal with craziness with unemployment, multiple jobs, rollover accounts, etc. At any rate, we may get a little money back this year. I'm sure Lance will want to save it. But we've been in the market for a replacement car for Lance for the last 4 years, so maybe that will happen this year. I have dreams of investing it into upgrades for the house ... question: if we replace the carpets, does this mean I'm going to have to move all the furniture? Or does that come with carpet? :) Do you have any tax refund plans?

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Rose said...

I think they will help you move your furniture if you get new carpet installed!

No big plans here, except I hope we get a big deduction for the newest member of our family! :o)