Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sushi - No.

Lance and I made it to Taki last night. We sheepishly admitted to our server that we had never had sushi before and we didn't really like fish. Me, being me, had done a little research before we went and learned through food blogs that one of the most popular and non-scary sushi rolls available is the California roll. It features crab, avocado and cucumber. Again, us being sushi uneducated, ordered two rolls as an appetizer. Which doesn't mean two pieces of sushi - it means 8 separate pieces that were cut from a single roll and since Lance and I had ordered two rolls, we had 16 pieces. Omigoodness. Too much sushi. I had about 4 pieces (mind you this is what we ordered as an "appetizer") and knew that I couldn't stomach much more. Luckily for my supervisor Andy, I spotted him and his family and gave them the rest of the Cali rolls. The most entertaining part was watching Lance struggle with his chopsticks. As I watched him drop his sushi over and over on the table, I finally asked the server for a fork for my poor husband. (Funny side story: I was having lunch in New York's China Town with my good friend Wendy a few years back when she was living on Staten Island. I don't remember what I ordered, but the server gave me chopsticks and Wendy a fork. Wendy is much more worldly and well-traveled than I am, thus is far more efficient with chopsticks than myself. We ended up trading her fork for my chopsticks. Talk about type-casting though!) The meal at Taki wasn't all that successful. I didn't like my main dish either and barely made a dent in it. It's a good thing the whole meal was free; we finally used that gift card to Taki!
And last side note. I know that this blog is primarily food, however, I always feel strangely about taking a picture of my food when I'm at restaurants. That's normal, right? But that's why there are no pictures of the meal and typically why there are never pictures when we eat out.

Ugh. I lead discussion tomorrow night for my bookclub. I need to pick up the book from the library and refresh my memory (I read the book during Thanksgiving). I also have my food demonstration on Tuesday. There is much to do for that as well!

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