Friday, May 31, 2013

31 Things I'm Grateful For in May

1. Memorial Day. This is the first place that I’ve worked for that you also get Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day off too. Without those two vacation days, it is a very long stretch between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day. A very long stretch.
2. Talented photographer friend that captures your child’s essence and personality. Pictures have come a long ways since my “spring” or “fall” background pictures at Sears. The above picture is one from his photo shoot and I'm excited to share the rest with you soon.
3. Asparagus. It’s my favorite vegetable second to broccoli.
4. My family’s health. Night after night, we pray for friends who are dealing with some very serious health issues. Night after night, this is my prayer for them: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love. 1Corinthians 16:13-14. Life is hard. But we weren’t promised anything differently.
5. Meredith Corporation’s test garden. I spent a brief seven minutes there last weekend and snapped a few pictures while running through it. When I say running, I really was running. Running late. As usual.
6. A basement crawlspace. After all of the severe weather we’ve had lately. I’m thankful for a place to hide. Even if it means we’re throwing boxes upon boxes of stuff out of the crawlspace at very inopportune times.
7. My mother-in-law. We had some daycare problems at the beginning of the month and my MIL stepped in and watched Lucan for 2 days and then brought him down to Des Moines for us. LIFESAVER.
8. Mother’s Day. It was the weirdest Mother’s Day ever as I spent it by myself without my mom or with Lucan. Lance and Lu went up to NW Iowa for a birthday party and then unexpectedly stayed for an extra day when we were having daycare issues. As a result, no Mother’s Day celebration. In fact, I’m still waiting for my present. Or even a card…
9. But I’m thankful for family and birthday parties. It’s been a busy month with two birthday parties in NW Iowa and Lucan’s party this weekend.
10. Baby showers. So cute. So fun.
11. Pizza nights with friends.
12. Friends who are willing to watch Lucan last minute when there are daycare problems. Thank God for our friends.
13. Rain. No drought here! Now if God could just lessen the rain a bit. Thanks.
14. Garage sale deals. Our town had its community garage sale and I made a haul. I love a good deal.
15. Work baby showers and being surprised by people be generosity.
16. Planning a work baby shower in an hour and having people comment on how well-organized it was and how we must have spent quite a bit of time planning it. Or not.
17. Community yoga classes.
18. Homemade granola.
19. Re-watching Downtown Abbey Season 3.
20. PBS and Masterpiece Theater in general. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Selfridge and Call the Midwife and read the autobiography that Call the Midwife is based on.
21. Ha ha – my Cinco de Mayo party. It was fun and having a party with all of the food catered was entirely wonderful. All of my parties will be catered in the future J
22. My first Scratch cupcake experience. It was buttercream love at first sight.
23. The firm decision that we are going to make the seven hour drive to Michigan to see my college bestie. I’m more than a little nervous to see how Lucan will do in the car, but I’m optimistic! Or delusional.
24. Grilling season returns.
25. The tv show Elementary. I heart Lucy Lu.
26. Iced coffee.
27. Lucan deciding that he likes apples. But then deciding that he doesn’t like bananas. And remembering that he likes blueberries but finding out that STOMPING on them is even better. The ever-changing moods of toddlers.
28. Lucan learning to say “please” Usually it sounds more like “PE-ASE!!” Lu only says please when prompted or when he really wants something. Like goldfish for breakfast, bedtime snack or supper.
29. Outdoor play time. Little boys love having room to run, romp and explore.
30. My husband’s handiness. My car’s water pump needed to be replaced. For $22 in parts and a couple hours of labor, Lance easily saved us a couple of hundred dollars in car repairs. AWESOME. Dave would be proud (as in Dave Ramsay) of how much money we’ve saved.
31. Getting our garden partly planted. So much rain. So little time. So much more to do!

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