Friday, May 10, 2013

Lucan Loves ...

...His Daddy. Somehow Lance managed to train Lucan to give him hugs, but not give momma hugs. It supremely ticks this momma off. I know that Lance is the "fun" parent but I'm the parent that puts the food on the table and doles out snacks. Where's the hugs for that?

...Annie's Fruit Snacks. It's a good thing they sell these at Costco because buying them at Target at 90 cents per pouch is outrageous. And highway robbery. If we lived in stagecoach/highway robbery times.

... his white blanket. It's his lovely, his comforter when he's sad or hurt. Lucan knows that his beloved goes back and forth to daycare in one particular bag and will point and get overly emotional when he wants his blankie. This beloved white blanket is getting a gross gray tinge, especially when I compare it to the third back-up blanket I have stashed away in the guest room closet.

... being outside. And with this long winter, I can hardly blame Lucan for not wanting to be inside. Our current endeavor is trying to figure out how to make our backyard more fun for Lu. Without spending $1500 on a Backyard Adventures swing set. Sheesh. I've had the brilliant idea that we should build a sandbox in our backyard. Now to get Lance on board with the idea. I even bought Lucan sandbox toys as incentive. :)

...stuffed animals. Mind you, Lucan already sleeps with every single stuffed animal we own but sometimes that's not enough. So he'll grunt to have TC the Bear (Twin Cities - The MN Twins mascot for those of you NOT in the know) taken down from the shelf and then will proceed to rip off TC's hat and shirt. I'm sure Lucan would take off TC's shoes too if he could figure out how to unlace them.

... peeing on the carpet. Or on the rug. We always let him have a little naked time after his baths and as result, we always have to follow behind mopping up pee puddles. Is this a sign of how potty training will go?

... using his toys with wheels as ramming instruments. He likes to run these toys as fast as he can into things. Super good for the paint on the walls.

... squeezing bottles and tubes. So far Lu has squeezed out a tube of very expensive hand cream, a bottle of BB Cream, a bottle of his body lotion, toothpaste and another one of my jars of body cream. Either Lucan likes to watch stuff come out of bottles or he wants to smell good. I've seen him several times pat lotion on his face. Silly monkey.

...eating cold stewed carrots. It was weird and perhaps an one time anomaly. He could have been starving too. Because we don't feed our children around here.

.... eating popcorn. Lucan ran screaming with delight yesterday when I found that I had forgotten to put away our popcorn bucket from the movie theater. Popcorn is the one thing that will consistently get him to sign "more."

... eating cookies. I have a picture of yesterday's mess. I went to the bathroom and heard a huge clatter coming from the kitchen. Lo and behold, Lu pulled the container of cookies off the shelf and was delightedly taking bites out of each cookie and then throwing them into a metal pan. Talk about crumbs everywhere. Lucan refers to cookies as "go-gos." I don't know where he picked that up. After eating a pile of popcorn as big as his head and several cookies, supper wasn't a high priority for him. Surprise.

... saying "tank you" for everything. It's pretty cute.

... food that that he can feed to himself all by himself. In addition to our standard favorite: the pouches, Lu also loves go-gurt. Yesterday I noticed a small yogurt handprint on our brown leather couch. That should teach me to let Lucan run around with go-gurt.

... imitating and making smacking noises with his mouth. Sometimes I absent mindedly make little popping noises with my mouth and Lu loves to imitate me doing it. Little pitchers have big ears.

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