Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Qdoba House Party

I've decided from here on out, I'm having all of my parties professionally catered. Because I'm just that affluent and basically a Real Housewife of Des Moines. Ha. Or I couldn't be farther from it.

I hosted a catered Qdoba House Party for the Cinco de Mayo. It was great. All I had to do was clean my house (actually easier said than done. With Lucan around, it's always one step forward 1.75 steps backwards). Initially I saw a blog post on moneysavingmom.com who said that Qdoba was doing a giveaway. So I went through the application process (mostly questions about your involvement with social media) and then lo and behold - I was picked to host a House Party.  

The whole process couldn't have been easier. I was mailed a box full of stuff for my party (plastic clear margarita glasses, some salsa servers, an apron, some serving ware, etc.) and then given a certificate with instructions on what my food options were for the party. I called in my order and then I received a callback to confirm everything. When I went to pick-up the food, the store employees couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. It was a great experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Qdoba to cater a party. 

And the food, oh my, it was yummy. I picked the Naked Burrito bowls, which came with a GIGANTIC bag of homemade tortilla chips, chicken, steak, black beans, and lime cilantro rice. Then we also received 3 kinds of salsas, sour cream, guacamole (which somehow I forgot to put out- drat!) and cheese. Qdoba also provided chocolate chip cookies and brownies which weren't that good. A little stale if you ask me. But you don't hear Qdoba boasting about it's baked goods, so I guess that's to be expected.

The pico de gallo was my favorite condiment. You could taste the fresh cilantro - yum!

Qdoba even provided the wire racks and Sterno burners to heat the food.
This is the giant bag of tortilla chips.

Bigger than my head!

The only thing I had to provide were drinks! Raspberry lemonade - refreshing!

All of the hot items stayed toasty warm thanks to the Sterno burners.

Everyone avoids eye contact when I'm taking pictures.

Apparently being photographed while you eat is awkward. I should have thought about that. My poor friends.

Even Lucan enjoyed the party. He especially like the black beans and steak. Not to mention the chips. My boy likes crunchy!

See? More people avoiding eye contact with the photographer.

I made everyone go out on the deck so I could take a timed group picture. Please take no notice of my child who is dangling precariously off the railing. 

Thanks Qdoba for a fun Cinco de Mayo!

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*carrie* said...

Fun! Love Qdoba. I've gotten to host a couple house parties in the past--one for Chex Mix and the other for Oscar Mayer. Eric makes fun of me for doing it, but he doesn't mind the free food!