Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blogging at DSM Parent ---- Daycare Confessions

I often have friends and family ask me how daycare is going for us. Much of the time I’m at a loss for how to answer. Lucan has adjusted for the most part and seems to be happy enough. But I still don’t really know what to say about daycare. It’s not that I don’t like our daycare provider or that I don’t trust her, she’s just not me and she’s not doing things the way I would be doing them.

After being Lucan’s parent for almost two years and staying home with him for seven months, I consider myself to be a Lucan expert. At this point in my confession, I should probably state that I acknowledge that I am a typical Type A, first-time mom. I like lists, I like my planner and above all, I’m organized. I also tend to be a hover-er, am probably too involved and have high expectations for people to not be flaky. Moral of the story: there are good and bad things to being a Type A parent.

But in the case of daycare, it’s probably a bad thing. I like to know what Lucan had for lunch and snacks, how long his nap was, whether or not he played well with the other kids and what songs they sang today. I want to know all of that information because I wasn’t there with Lucan and I wish that I could have been. I want to know all of that information because I want to know what things Lucan likes today and what things we need to work on with him. I want to know all of that information because I care. I don’t think that anyone could ever accuse me of being an apathetic parent (in fact that’s an adjective that’s never been used in the same sentence with my name).

So when you ask me how daycare is going and I shrug my shoulders and say “okay” it’s not because I don’t want to talk about daycare with you, it’s because I’m at a loss for how to describe my feelings articulately. And that’s my daycare confession. Does anyone else feel like this? 

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Snow on May 2--- how crazy is that?!?

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