Friday, May 24, 2013

A Tale of Cookies

I was in the bedroom changing clothes and I heard a clatter in the kitchen. I knew Lucan was in the kitchen and was probably up to no good. I was right. Someone decided that he needed a snack and that cookies would hit the spot.

I came out to find this mess on the floor.

And this little boy munching happily along. Originally the cookies were in the red container on the right but Lu decided to hide the evidence by putting the cookies into the silver pans.

And then after clean-up, he "sampled" a few cookies.

Meaning he took a single bite out of more than a dozen cookies.

"What momma? I'm a hungry boy."

"Oh, you don't like it when I eat bites out of everything and then put it back? Whoops. I promise it won't happen again until I forget. Again."

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*carrie* said...

Little stinker! I actually don't think our kids have done this, but you can bet Reggie's jumped up on the table/counter many times--burgers, muffins, and an entire apple pie on Thanksgiving!