Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lucan: 2-years-old

The days are long but the years are short.
How I could have possibly ended up with a two-year-old is simply befuddling to me.

Dearest Lucan,

You are two-years-old. You are sweet and smart and funny and a good dancer. You love music and bopping along to the beat. On Sunday mornings, we often catch you trying to sneak back into service to enjoy a second round of praise and worship. I hope this foreshadows your love to worship the Lord. You love to play outside and to run up to the patio-door with shoes in hand and say "outside? outside?" Little boys love adventure and the great outdoors. You are no exception.

Little LuLu, you flourish under positive reinforcement and wilt under consequence. You have taught your momma more than one lesson about finding humor in otherwise "challenging" situations. I pray that you will grow to be kind, compassionate and generous. That you will love the Lord. And that someday you will find a great woman to love too. Dear boy, love is important. Spread your wings and be fearless.

We've been your parents for two years now and can't imagine anything differently.

Love you lots LuLu.

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