Friday, June 7, 2013

Blogging at Des Moines Parent ---- Fun Things to do this Summer!

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Fun Things to Do This Summer
  1. Strawberry picking! A couple of summers ago we took a road trip and picked strawberries at Berry Fresh Farms in Adel. We got a little zealous and picked three flats of strawberries. At some point I forgot that half of the fun is eating fresh strawberries because we made all of ours into strawberry freezer jam! Now that our strawberry freezer jam is gone, I think it’s time to make another trip to pick some berries. Especially since Lucan loves them! Strawberry picking allows kids to get some fresh air and sunshine, but more importantly lets them get their hands dirty and gets them excited about fresh produce. I just hope I can teach Lucan which berries are ripe for picking :)
  2. Ashby Splash Park in Beaverdale. While Lu and I haven’t gotten a chance to visit this wading pool, I’ve heard great things about it from several moms. Best of all – it’s free and great for youngsters. There’s no worries about large wave pools (Lance has an irrational fear of drowning in a wave pool) or too deep of water because the park is especially designed with kiddos in mind.
  3. Vacation Bible Schools. I have lots fond of memories attached to summer VBS. Making popsicle stick and yarn crafts, singing songs and eating lots of broccoli.  VBS was the first time I remember an adult commenting on how odd my love from broccoli was. Vacation Bible school has come a long ways since I was a kid. Now there are videos, community service projects and dramas every night. Life 107.1 keeps a calendar with community events and has many churches’s vacation Bible school programs listed. Most programs are free or inexpensive and are great at keeping kids engaged during the summer.
  4. I've posted about this before, but I still think its a great idea. Cinemark Movie Theaters (Jordan Creek movie theater) are doing a summer movie program designed for kids. They are showing special kiddo movies for only a $1! Now if only I didn't a) work full-time and b) have a very busy two-year-old with a short attention span. But if you don't have to deal with Problem #1 or Problem #2, I suggest that you take advantage and plan a movie date with your child.
 So the next time your child exclaims, “Moooomm... I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” you can keep a few of these ideas in your back pocket for just such occasions.

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