Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Life of a Two-Year-Old

Lucan you are a joy. Seeing the world through your eyes, shows me how much potential for fun exists!
Here are your two-year stats and with a little luck, it will be a whole other year before we visit Dr. Cureg again.

  • 73rd percentile for weight at 28 pounds
  • 90th percentile at 19.5 inches for head circumference
  • 74th percentile at 35.5 inches for height
  • 24 months and 2T clothing
  • 8ish bedtime and sleeping until at least 7AM the next morning with a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoons
  • Getting his two-year molars
  • Drinks really well out of a cup without a lid. In fact, Lucan loves stealing cups to try and drink out of by himself.
  • Had our first stiches scare when Lucan fell off the steps of the deck at daycare and bopped his face and lip
  • Comes and tells us when you need your diaper changed. Lucan are you dirty? Do you need your diaper changed? --- head nod yes. I figure this a step in the right direction of potty training.
  • Leads us by the hand when he wants something and want us to come with him. It's pretty funny when Lu wants both of us to come with him and he also is carrying something. Too much to hold onto! 
  • All Lu wants to do is play outside. All day long. Winter is going to come as a shock.
  •  Lucan had his first mall play-place and Chucky Cheese experiences. At daycare. Because as a complete germ-phobe, his mom refuses to take him there. Our daycare provider seemed really surprised that Lucan had never been to Chucky Cheese. I prefer for my child to live in a world where those sorts of places don't exist. Because if they don't exist, I don't have to go there. I'm sure she would have been even more stunned to find out Lucan has never played at a mall. Malls exist for shopping and Chik-Fil-A. Amen.
  • I'm not sure if Lucan is avidly choosing not to remember which body parts are which, but he used to be able to point to his nose, eye, mouth, chin, foot, knee, and ear. Sometimes he does this. Sometimes not. Chalk it up to toddler-hood.
  • One of his favorite things to do is to turn the lights on and off. He'll point to the lights and say "ice?" and then want to flip the switch.
  • Ou-side? (outside)
  • Shoes - socks (needed before going ou-side)
  • Kitty & Fire
  • Annie (my parents cat)
  • Tu-mper (Thumper - Lance's parents dog)
  • Pea-se? (please)
  • Supper
  • Apple
  • Sit! (He says this insistently and wants you to sit down by him. Often times it's for a story to be read to him)
  • Juice
  • Dirty
  • Yucky
  • Ice (lights)
  • Quack
  • Spoon
  • Old words - mommy, daddy, NO, yes, milk, hot, car, yay, oh-no, uh-oh, bye, hi, mine, tv, tree, sheepie. 
  • We've been lucky, it appears that cold season has temporarily passed and that Lu is healthy - wohoo!
  • Lance and I were talking last night about a sample creche (daycare) menu from the book Bebe: Day by Day. If Lucan were French, he would be raised on things like cheese courses, sugar-free strawberry-apple puree, hake (fish - Lance didn't know) and tomato lemon salad. Instead his creche feeds him toddler food: chicken fingers, bologna (me shuddering), pop tarts (oh my, the sugar levels make me cringe) and fruit loops. I know that I'm not the healthiest person and eat more than my fair share of candy, but I try and make an effort to eat whole foods and limit the amount of processed crap I consume. So instead of insisting that my son be fed bran flakes and salmon for lunch, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and try and dial down my mommy crazy. 
  • Favorite foods: popcorn and go-go (yogurt tubes. I make Lucan eat greek yogurt). Still loves beans and meat that doesn't get mixed into other stuff (ie: casseroles). He ate three bowls of chicken and wild rice soup the other night, so that was a win.
  • Lucan dislikes being rushed in the mornings. Most mornings there is a tantrum because Lu's not ready to have his clothes changed and go to daycare.
  • When we pick Lucan up from daycare, he will run to us with a big hug. Then he's ready to be put down and continue playing. Sometimes there is a battle when we go home too. 
  • Lu wants to be in the thick of things. When one of us is making supper (actually just me, Lance can't seem to feel like he can cook without me), Lu wants to be picked up so he can see what's going on. He'll also drag the footstool out of the pantry when he feels like he's missing out on the action. 
  • Sometimes all of us just need our quiet moments. Lu climbs up into our laps and just sits and we rock a bit. These moments are infrequent because most of the time Lucan is on the go.
Two has been fun. It's been a learning experience for everyone :) And as many times as I've heard about the "terrible twos" I've recently been getting wind that "threes" are even worse. Lucky us! 

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