Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Super Random

I like lists. It's the type A personality coming out. So here goes a list of random thoughts floating around in my head.

1. I was at our local grocery store on Friday, carefully weighing the pros and cons of colby jack, mild cheddar and sharp cheddar when all of a sudden my foot slipped a bit on the tile floor. Yes, slipped, I say. I stepped in a pile of poop. Not my poop, not my child's poop, not my pet's poop - therefore not my responsibility for cleaning up. But I ask you: how in the world did some parent not notice their child pulling down their pants and pooping in the middle of a grocery store?

2. We own three vehicles, yet none of them are winter weather appropriate. The LHS ("daddy's old car" as Lucan fondly refers to it) only runs in weather that is above freezing. NOT winter weather ready. The Grand Am's heat seems to be on the fritz. Not exactly great for colder temps either. And the car I drive, the Traverse, has no working windshield wiper fluid. It stopped working a few months ago and we I kept saying this needed to get fixed before it snowed. Last Thursday it snowed. SOMEBODY Lance took all the ice scrapers out of all the vehicles and never put them back in. So I was stuck with an ice-glazed windshield, numb fingers and a Starbucks gift card to try and remove the ice. Fortunately one of my co-workers came out and saved me with her scraper otherwise it was going to be a long time before I made it home.

3. I made the most fantastic breakfast pizza last weekend. I'll post a recipe later on.

4. Lance and I spent 2 hours transitioning our summer clothes out and our winter clothes into our closet. While shuffling shoes around, I discovered two inches of cat hair grossing up the floor of our closet. Lance vacuumed and I swear there was enough hair there to make a sweater for Lucan. 

5. Dumping barbeque sauce over chicken, carrots and potatoes isn't yummy.

6. I'm looking forward to going to a movie with Lance this week - first one in a year! Isn't that sad?

7. Lucan fell off a stool in the kitchen last Wednesday and bit his lip. It bled quite profusely and we reminded him that he shouldn't be climbing on the stools (he was back climbing the next day) and that he needed to be careful. Lance took Lu to daycare on Thursday and shared with our daycare provider about the incident just in case Lucan talked about his "lip owie."  Friday morning I got a text picture stating Lucan needed to be picked up because he has a sore on his mouth and it's hand/foot/mouth disease. Don't jump to conclusions! This is why we're switching daycare - too many kids for her to keep up with and too many excuses.

8. Lucan gets worried about the wrinkled state of his fingers when he's been in the bathtub too long.

9. We took Lucan to see some fireworks last Friday and he was terrified. I knew there was a chance of it going poorly due to his adverse reaction to loud noises. I was right. Too loud! Too loud! Scary!

10. I attempted to trim Lucan's sideburns for pictures and it went very badly. Very badly indeed. Poor kid.

11. Lucan gets really upset when we wipe his finger if there is a booger on it. My booger! My booger! He also gets upset when his nose doesn't produce any boogers. Booger gone! Sad.

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