Thursday, November 21, 2013

Citrus Lane Review - November 2013 - Toddler

This is the third month of my subscription to Citrus Lane. I think this is my least favorite month, truth be told. I've been trolling the internet to see what other moms have received and I saw that many moms received a "mom treat" of lip balm. I want a "mom treat" in my box - just like the fab nail polish I received in September. Bitter much? Yes.

Just a recap - Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that sends a box full of toys, books, munchies, etc. each month tailored to your child's age and gender. For a single month it's $25 (but you can get some pretty sweet promo codes to take it down to approx $15/month) or you can subscribe and get a three month, six month or an entire year's subscription. If you're interested in trying, here is my referral link (thanks!) and you'll get $10 off.

Bumkins Lunch Tote - approx value of $11
Faber Castell Beeswax Crayons (approx value of $9.50) and Faber Castell Doodle Pad (approx. value of $3)
Build a Burger from Green Toys (approx. value of $6)
Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organic ($1)
Tiny Prints - 4 sets of address labels for free with a $99 purchase (worthless)

Lunch tote - cute print, but not needed. Some of the other boxes I saw received adorable Skip Hop plates and some received reusable snack bags. I would have much preferred one of those. I don't have much need for many packed lunches for Lu and I already splurged on a PB kids one for him. But it has polka dots and Lance the jury is still out on whether or not polka dots are appropriate for los ninos. No se.

Beeswax crayons - they draw very nicely as they larger for a toddler grip, the wax is super soft and easy for Lucan to color with, but at the same time they're crayons. The same with the paper. It's nice for Lu to have a doodle pad, but the back of my church bulletin can serve the same purpose. We'll store these in Lu's diaper bag for a two minute diversion sometime.

Build a Burger - it's cute and organic plastic (how does that work?), but how much play time can a single burger get? Yes, both Lance and I have had to endure eating a plastic sandwich multiple times now, but it's really not all that fun. We had some friends over to the house on the weekend and they enjoyed feeding the sandwich to their elders as well, but I'm just not seeing repeat play time with this one. I saw on other blogs that some boxes included a plastic tug boat for the bathtub. Now that's what I'm talking about - I want a bath boat!

Corn Snack - we haven't tried them yet. But Lu has yet to be very taken with any of the snacks Citrus Lane has sent so far. The first month he ate the dried blueberries out of the granola bar and last month he told me the chips were yucky (and they were). We'll see about this one.

Address labels - okay funny story. I obviously didn't catch on that you had to spend $99 to get the free address labels, so I went through the entire process of designing ones I liked and actually got to the ordering process where I got stumped. I kept getting an error message about my promo code and did a live chat with a Tiny Prints rep to discover the only way to redeem the offer is to order $99 first. Yikes. No thanks. Worthless. 

Recap: least favorite month. No "mom treat" and I don't really feel like there was a main "headline" toy for Lucan. Last month we got Lu's octopus light (which he adores and points out the fish shapes every night) and the month before we got some cute wooden blocks. I suppose the lunch box was the "headline" item, but when has a lunchbox ever been super exciting for a toddler? Um, never.

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