Monday, November 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Review Box #2 - October

This box was an improvement over my last box, far and above. Again, if you are new to Stitch Fix, the concept is pretty easy. You go to Stitch Fix’s website and provide basic information such as their body shape, size, style preferences and budget. Then, a Stitch Fix stylist uses that information you provided to select and ship a box of five items to try on. Then you can keep and pay for the things you like and send back the stuff that doesn't work. Stitch Fix charges a $20 per box styling fee, which goes toward any purchase that you make. The company keeps track of what you keep and send back to further personalize your clothing profile. It's pretty neat overall! And if you use my referral link, I get a $25 style credit. Win! Okay here's the good stuff.
41Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest with Black Piping. Ugly. My stylist added it because she had seen a lot of vests on my pintrest board and thought I would like it. Wrong. $68 wrong. No offense mom, but it looks like something you own. In fact, I do think you own a vest like this.

Style tips. I like the denim dress they style the vest with. Can I have the dress instead?

Mak Neptune Stripe and Colorblocked Cardigan $48.This sweater was teeny tiny and ugly. Sorry. I like stripes and did request something mustard colored to take me into the fall. Just not this one.

Renee C Rossi Polka Dot Print Neck-Tie Blouse. I like this shirt and I kept it, despite feeling weird about the bow tie. I feel like a court reporter in this shirt. Let's not talk about the awkwardness of the selfie bathroom shot. It takes me about a dozen shots to get it right and even then my walls look a lurid lime green (they aren't in real life). But even the most awkward selfies don't even begin to compare to the horrid pictures Lance takes. I will never be a fashion blogger for this reason.

The shirt is white with a small white polka dot design. It's lightweight, almost sheer and flowy. I didn't have anything like it, design wise, in my wardrobe so I kept it! Winner!

I don't have coral colored skinnies or a turquoise pencil skirt. But I'd gladly wear both!

Kensie Jackie Longsleeve Striped Sweater Dress. Oh sweater dress. Sweater dresses are just never going to happen with my body. They cling to all the wrong places and have no structure. I gave feedback to my stylist, Sidney, to stop sending them because they're never going to work.
Bye bye sweater dress. You were way too price anyways at $88.

41Hawthorn Galway Bird Print Button-Up Blouse. $58. Hello birdie shirt! You are adorable and quirky and perfect! Loved this shirt. Flowy cut, fun, yet manageable print and cute details like a pearl button and shirred shoulders. Perfect for layering! 

I've noticed that in other Stitch Fix boxes they've gotten fun prints and I'm happy to have gotten one in my box too!

My at-home fashion stylist getting fur all over our bedding.
I kept two shirts this time and was much more pleased by my second fix. I don't think I'll do a Nov fix, but maybe I'll do a Dec or a Jan fix. That's the nice thing about Stitch Fix, they don't tie you into a monthly subscription. Again, if you are interested in receiving fun mail and clothes picked for you by a personal stylist (mine was Sidney) - try Stitch Fix out! I think I'm going to ask for a Stitch Fix gift card for Christmas.


Rose said...

I love those two blouses!! I love the bow tie- it is cute!

I agree about the husband photo taking I have no idea how my husband can make me look so terrible in photos?

Great post!

*carrie* said...

Very fun, Kara. Glad you found a couple keepers!

Sarah said...

Cute stuff! Glad this one went better. :) That's how it was with me too. Although then it got bad again with #3. Ha. Love the two shirts you kept!!

Maija said...

I'm getting my first Stitchfix next week, so googling to see what people are getting! With the bow-tie blouse, could you tie it in a loose knot instead of a bow? That might make it feel less formal. Just an idea!

Nicole @ one half world said...

I agree with Maija. I have a bow-tie blouse and half of the time I don't even tie it. When you do tie it, let it be a little lower/looser of a bow and it will look more casual.

Cute shirts!

Andrea Cooley said...

I wasn't impressed with my first Stitch Fix, but you've inspired me to give it another try. I've seen so many cute things other people get!