Friday, November 15, 2013

A Lucan Letter and Update

So much to say, so little time.

Dearest baby toddler boy,

I don't know where the time has gone and how you are almost two and a half years-old. Baffling.

You are independent and strong-willed. Just like your parents. What you want, you want. And what you don't want, well you definitely don't want it. You can be an adorable charmer and a stinker all at the same time. We have some hitting issues, which have mostly developed at daycare. (I blame most of our problems on too many unruly children at daycare. That's completely fair of me, right?) If something doesn't go your way, you like to flail about and hit. But then when you cool off, you'll wrap your arms around my neck, give me a squeeze and say "sa-wee momma." Melt my heart.

You are a good eater. I feel blessed and grateful this everyday. Last weekend you ate three bowls of cheeseburger soup without batting an eye. You would eat McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Happy Meals all the time if we'd let you (we won't). Somehow you think that all meat is chicken. I don't think that your Papa would approve. But last Sunday you ate an entire steak. Like a grown man portion size of steak. Oh me, oh my.

Routines are def your thing. When we get out of routine, things start getting a little crazy. You have a set bedtime routine of potty, diaper, jammies, teeth brushing, books, octopus light, praying and songs. Life is better for everyone if we can start this routine at 7:45 pm and have you in bed by 8 pm.

You love blankets and pillow. Multiple blankets and pillows. You like to be buried underneath all of them, especially on the couch. This game is called "hiding." Hiding becomes especially fun when it involves people sitting on the couch and you "hiding" behind them. Silly boy.

Elmo and Daniel Tiger are your favorites. Sesame Street has been renamed "Elmo's Street" and Daniel Tiger is called "Gain-Gain." Today at the doctor's office I was astounded when you recognized Spider Man (stickers), Dora (also stickers) and Dinosaur Train (tv show). I suppose since your dad like watching Dinosaur Train, that shouldn't surprise me. He gets a kick out of the fact that all the carnivores are pescatarians. Your dad has a weird sense of humor. As far as Spidey and Dora goes, there's too much TV on at daycare. Yep.

Fully clothed, with shoes, you weigh 31 pounds. My tired arms bear witness to this fact.

Somehow you know a large majority of your shapes, 90% of your body parts (your dad keeps quizzing you on things like shin and wrist - really Lance?!) and a large chunk of animals and their sounds (your favorite it a macaw) but you have problems with some of your colors. I just think that you like to make up what colors are which. If you end up color-blind like your daddy and uncles, it would be ironic since color-blindness comes from your momma. Goodness.

Sometimes you like to use the potty. Sometimes you miss and poop on the floor. That was fun to clean-up, especially since you wanted to "help." We are going no where fast when it comes to potty training. All underwear are called "big boys." Even mom's underwear.

Overall, you are a good helper. You will clean up your blocks with a little prompting, throw things away in the garbage can and you like to help spray bottles and wipe up spills. If I'd let you, you'd run the $350 dyson vacuum. Thanks, but no thanks.


Lulu, you are very impressionable. Just last Sunday at church we made the mistake of sitting by one of your favorite friends from daycare, Noah. Noah is just over 3 years-old. Everything Noah did, you had to do too. That meant everything from standing on the back of chairs, bouncing up and down, crawling underneath chairs to shouting AMEN! at the top your lungs. Multiple times. Mostly when it was quiet. Awesome Lu. Maybe we should have been baptist. 

You have your opinions about things and are more than happy to vocalize them. For example, riding in the car. You will let us know if the music is too loud (loud! too loud!), if you are hot (hot! hot!), if you want the window down (window down!) and you like to do a running commentary of the things you see: truck! big truck! water! tractor! combine! school bus! I never paid so close of attention to all the tractors we go by.

Dad is still your favorite. Of course he is the more fun parent, lifting you up to touch ceilings and swinging you through the air. But when it comes to hugs and kisses, mom receives a large portion of them. You also dearly love your grandparents. If you have a phone in your hand, you like to pretend to call Gammer (grandma) and say hello. Sometimes we actually do call and you get a kick out of that. But I have a sneaking suspicion that your grandparents love those calls too :)

I love you little boy and you'll always be my baby. I treasure those extra snuggles and kisses while I can still get them.

You are sweetness and I love you,


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*carrie* said...

I had to smile when you said that about the tractors. That was totally Nathan at that age. In fact, I felt a little sad when he moved on from being excited about them and also got over his obsession with Thomas the Train.