Friday, October 18, 2013

Citrus Lane: October Box - Toddler

When I opened up my (I say "my" loosely because it's really "Lucan's" box. I just enjoy the fun of getting mail) second Citrus Lane box, I was sorta "meh" about it's contents. Look closely at the picture and you'll see what was inside:
  • Puppy Slide Whistle from Hohner Kids (value $8)
  • Dreamz &Twinkles To Go from Cloud B (value $19)
  • Bops from Good Boy Organics
  • Ladybug Magazine from Cricket Magazine Group (value $3)
  • Ladybug Magazine Digital Subscription (value $6)
First off, a whistle is annoying. There's no way around it. Lucan already has plenty of annoying toys and certainly didn't need to add a whistle to his collection. Then, without fail, Lucan promptly picked up his puppy whistle and started playing and blowing into it. Of course. 

The little blue octopus light thing I felt was unneeded. Of course Lucan adores it. It's a little night light that projects stars and fish with bubbles and cute stuff. It has the option for green or blue LED light and has an automatic 45 minute turnoff. This morning the box was sitting empty on the counter and Lucan started throwing a fit about his "light! light!" I had to remember where we had left it last night and then hand it to a frantic toddler. The octopus light also had to ride in the car to daycare where I gently, but firmly reminded Lu that if we took his light inside, we would never see it again (true story - does anyone else have problems with things getting lost, never to be seen again at daycare?)

Organic potato chips. So unnecessary. Then Lucan (again) proved me wrong and started shouting "Chips! Chips! My chips!" Whatever.

Ladybug magazine. I see this being a better option for older children, or someone my niece's age, say around 6 or so. I just see Lu ripping out pages. We'll see.

After my initial reaction being so-so, I think Citrus Lane hit it right on the head by knowing what my child might like. Apparently they know and understand toddlers better than I do.

As always, if you are interested in trying out a sample box, you can get $10 off using my referral code. That would make your first box a cool $15. It's fun to get a specifically tailored box to your child's age and gender every month. If you are interested in reading about our September box, click here!

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koshergourmetmart said...

i agree with you. i thought meh-my son is 2 and the magazine is for 3 and up. but he really liked the nightlight and the whistle